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The complex is distinguished by its services provided to people with disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder, as it fulfills all requirements for rehabilitation and education, as well as empowerment in their societal and professional integration.

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The complex offers many services to beneficiaries, as the complex focuses on three aspects:


We are committed to providing education and rehabilitation services to individuals with special needs. We aim to provide a stimulating and encouraging learning environment to develop students' abilities and promote the realization of their full potential. Our services are based on advanced pedagogical foundations and educational programs designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual.

We provide a wide range of educational services, including:

1. Needs assessment: We evaluate students’ needs and current abilities to determine appropriate educational programs for them.

2. Development of educational programs: We design individual educational programs aimed at enhancing students’ academic, social, and motor skills.

3. Individual teaching: We provide individual lessons tailored to meet the needs of each student, focusing on developing their strengths and helping them overcome challenges.

4. Social and emotional support: We care about providing comprehensive support to students and enhancing their emotional and social well-being.

5. Cooperation with parents: We believe in the importance of continuous cooperation between us and parents, as we seek to provide effective communication channels and disseminate important information to ensure the necessary support is provided to students.

We work hard to empower students and develop their potential by providing a friendly and personalized learning environment.

We work under supervision

Ministries can ensure the quality and safety of services provided, and achieve equality and justice. Supervision also helps in promoting comprehensive development and achieving national goals in various fields

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