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The complex is distinguished by its services provided to people with disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder, as it fulfills all requirements for rehabilitation and education, as well as empowerment in their societal and professional integration.

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The complex offers many services to beneficiaries, as the complex focuses on three aspects:


The first service is one of the most important departments in Shumoua Al-Amal Complex. It was opened in 1428 AH to provide services for all categories of autism spectrum disorder according to the classification of the Fifth Diagnostic Manual (DSM-5). The department includes a specialized technical staff whose work is based on the latest international strategies, the most important of which is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and applies the most important international programs in the field of autism spectrum disorder, including: (APLLS, PECS, TEACCH, MAKATON, HELP, POP)

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Ministries can ensure the quality and safety of services provided, and achieve equality and justice. Supervision also helps in promoting comprehensive development and achieving national goals in various fields

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