Center for Training and Research on Disability

The Learning Difficulties Program at the Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation is an educational program dedicated to students with learning difficulties. The program aims to provide the necessary support and assistance to students to achieve their academic progress and develop their skills.

The learning difficulties program at the Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation includes several aspects, including:

1. Needs assessment: The needs of each student are assessed individually to understand his individual educational difficulties and determine the appropriate treatment plan for him.

2. Innovative teaching: Innovative and diverse teaching methods are applied to meet students’ needs and enhance their academic skills. Active learning and cooperative learning techniques and appropriate teaching materials are used.

3. Psychosocial support: Psychosocial support is provided to students to enhance self-acceptance and promote successful communication and social interaction in the school environment.

4. Guidance and counseling: The program provides the necessary guidance and guidance to students and parents to help them deal with learning difficulties and achieve their academic and personal goals.

Shumua Alamal Complex team for Special Education and Rehabilitation works in close cooperation with students and parents to provide an encouraging and supportive learning environment. The program aims to empower students and help them achieve their full potential academically and personally.

We work under supervision

Ministries can ensure the quality and safety of services provided, and achieve equality and justice. Supervision also helps in promoting comprehensive development and achieving national goals in various fields

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