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The “Shada” distance learning platform at the Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation is an innovative educational platform dedicated to meeting the needs of people with disabilities. This platform aims to provide comprehensive and integrated educational opportunities for these students, as it relies on the use of modern technology to achieve this.

The “Shada” platform offers a wide range of educational resources for people with disabilities, such as visual presentations, written materials in different sizes and font styles, and interactive activities that enhance interaction and participation. The platform also offers innovative educational tools such as simultaneous translation and audio summarization, to enable students to follow content in a way that suits their individual abilities.

Thanks to the smart learning technologies integrated into the “Shada” platform, teachers can customize educational content according to students’ needs, ensuring a unique and appropriate learning experience for each individual. Students can interact with the content using a simple and easy-to-use interface, which helps them develop their skills and make significant progress in learning.

The “Shada” platform at the Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation is considered a qualitative leap in the education of people with disabilities, as it combines modern technology and personal customization to meet the needs of students. The platform contributes to empowering students and enhancing their capabilities, enhances interaction and participation in the learning process, and gives them equal opportunities to access sustainable and quality education.


Login to the platform: https://shada.shumua.edu.sa/web/login

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