Registration Opens at Shumua' Al Amal Special Education and Rehabilitation Complex for the Academic Year 1445-1446

shumua' Al Amal Special Education and Rehabilitation Complex in Dammam is pleased to announce the opening of registration for the academic year 1445-1446, starting from Thursday, July 4, 2024, to Thursday, August 1, 2024.
To Register:
 * Parents or guardians can visit the complex in person during regular working hours.
 * The following documents must be brought:
   * A copy of the student's national identity card.
   * A copy of the student's birth certificate.
   * A medical report indicating the student's condition.
   * A copy of the guardian's national identity card.
   * Students will be assessed by the complex's specialists to determine their educational needs.
shumua' Al Amal Complex:
 * It is an educational complex specialized in providing special education and rehabilitation services for children with disabilities.
 * The complex has a team of experienced and qualified professionals in the field of special education.
 * The complex provides a safe and supportive learning environment for children with disabilities.
 * The complex strives to help children with disabilities reach their full potential.
For more information:
 * You can visit the complex's website:
 * Or call the number: +966 13 888 1111
We hope our children will join Shumoo' Al Amal Complex for a successful and fruitful academic year!
Please note that this is just a basic translation and may not capture all of the nuances of the original Arabic text.

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