Signing a community partnership between the Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation and the Sawaed Association for Motor Disabilities

At the level of the Eastern Region, it was announced that an important community partnership was signed between Shumua Alamal  Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation and the Sawaeed Association for Motor Disability. This partnership aims to enhance community and medical cooperation between the two institutions with the aim of providing support and services to individuals with special needs in the region.

This partnership includes several specific areas of cooperation, where experiences and knowledge will be exchanged in the field of special education and rehabilitation, and support and medical consultations will be provided to the association’s members. Joint events, workshops and awareness lectures will also be organized for the local community with the aim of raising awareness and improving knowledge on issues related to mobility disability and special education.

This community partnership reflects the commitment of the complex and the association to promoting the rights of people with special needs and improving their quality of life. It is expected that this partnership will contribute to providing equal opportunities for education, rehabilitation and medical support for individuals with special needs in the Eastern Region, thus enhancing community development and achieving integration and social solidarity.

This partnership is an important step towards enhancing joint efforts to enhance the lives of people with special needs and provide them with appropriate support and care. It reflects society's commitment to the principles of justice, equality, and respect for the rights of everyone in society.

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