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We specialize in special education and rehabilitation, and we are honored to serve your children with disabilities and their families. We strive to maintain the highest level of quality in providing the services that people with disabilities need in accordance with international standards.

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Candles of Hope Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation is one of the largest special education and rehabilitation centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is located on an area of 19,000 square meters and consists of several buildings with an area of 10,435 square meters, as well as facilities that include a garden, playgrounds, and swimming pools. The complex provides all the services necessary to educate and rehabilitate people with disabilities. Mental illness, autism spectrum disorder, and multiple disabilities from the age of 3 years and above.

The main sections of the complex

The Candles of Hope Complex consists of three main departments supervised by three ministries as follows:

It is supervised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. It provides rehabilitation and training services for (moderate and severe) people with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and multiple disabilities, in addition to providing psychological rehabilitation services, speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, and psychomotor rehabilitation.

It is supervised by the Ministry of Education and provides educational services for the (simple) category of people with mental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, starting from kindergarten until the primary and intermediate intellectual stage. Students with learning difficulties and slow learning are also served, in addition to ordinary students who have speech or behavior disorders within a school. Establishing “boys’ buds” from the first grade of primary school until the sixth grade of primary school.

It is supervised by the Ministry of Health and provides physical and occupational therapy services for cases enrolled in the complex, in addition to providing its services to ordinary people who are exposed to sports injuries, traffic accidents, blood clots, etc.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Center

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Quality of care

Quality of buildings and facilities: Candles of Hope provides buildings and facilities specifically designed to suit people with special needs. The complex was established on a land area of 19,000 square meters. The total building area was 10,435 square meters and includes (about 70 classrooms, 50 specialist offices, 3 gyms, 2 A physical therapy hall, 2 social rehabilitation halls, a swimming pool, a computer lab, a library, a theatre, 7 dining halls, 6 multi-purpose professional workshops, 3 sensory rooms).

The complex's staff consists of teachers, specialists and consultants specialized in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. They are carefully selected and provide ongoing training and workshops to develop their skills and update their knowledge in the field of special education and rehabilitation.

The services in the complex are characterized by individual and innovative guidance, as educational and rehabilitative programs and plans are provided specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual. The latest innovative methods and technologies are used to enhance learning and develop life skills of individuals.

Customer and parent satisfaction with the services provided is evaluated. Feedback and suggestions from customers are collected and analyzed to determine strengths and weaknesses and improve the quality of services provided. A specialized team is formed to review and analyze this feedback and implement the necessary improvements .

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Ministries can ensure the quality and safety of services provided, and achieve equality and justice. Supervision also helps in promoting comprehensive development and achieving national goals in various fields

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