Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation receives beneficiaries in day care centers at the beginning of the rehabilitation year

At the beginning of the new rehabilitation year, Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation received the beneficiaries, both male and female, in its day care centers with joy and welcome. This event is a hopeful and challenging beginning for the beneficiaries and their families in the journey of rehabilitation and personal development.

A special and distinguished reception was organized for the beneficiaries, both male and female, where they were received with smiles and warm greetings by the rehabilitation team and workers in the centers. This beginning aims to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for beneficiaries to develop and learn.

As part of the reception, introductory and social sessions were organized for the beneficiaries and their families, where information was provided about the goals and rehabilitation programs available in the centers. An opportunity was provided to get to know the rehabilitation and working team and to see the facilities and resources available in the complex.

This beginning is an opportunity for the beneficiaries and their families to integrate into an integrated rehabilitation environment, where they will be provided with the necessary support and various rehabilitation programs will be implemented. The centers will focus on developing the motor, linguistic, social and academic skills of the beneficiaries, with the aim of enhancing their independence and individual capabilities.

This beginning reflects the commitment of the Shumua Alamal Complex to provide comprehensive care and rehabilitation to the beneficiaries and achieve their goals and aspirations. This beginning comes within the framework of the complex’s vision to build an integrated society that includes everyone with their various needs.

Shumua Alamal Complex looks forward to continuing close cooperation with the beneficiaries and their families, and enhancing continuous communication to achieve the rehabilitation goals and personal development of the beneficiaries throughout the new rehabilitation year.

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