Shumua Alamal Complex opened the Candles of Hope Training Center and the Speech and Matchmaker Centers

In full completion of the development of the services provided by Shumua Alamal Complex for Special Education, in Dammam, the announcement of the opening of Shumua Alamal Training Center and women’s centres, in addition to the Speech and Communication Center, was completed in Dammam, in the presence of Mr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Majdouie, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shumua Alamal, and a member of Mr. Mr. Malik Abdulaziz Al-Raqtan, and they were received by the Director General of Shumua Alamal Complex, the Honorable Sir Engineer Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Dubaikhi, where the facilities and services of the new surgeons were failed.
The idea of ​​the training center emerged and researchers from the highest level in the field of training in terms of the importance of training and developing skills among workers in rehabilitating people with limited income and those interested in this field and the families of those with complaints regarding scientific research in seeking the center through cooperation with contacts and expertise to provide many From scientific research and studies in the field of physics, he became one of the famous celebrities in the field of scientific research.
Given the urgent need to provide effective service and wide-ranging positive interventions for cases targeting only speech and speech, the Speech and Language Center provides services based on a comprehensive document for speech and pronunciation to diagnose delays in cases of speech and speech and speech delay.
This is an important step towards enhancing care and support for specific groups, and we welcome you to Shumua Alamal Complex by providing high-quality services and a distinguished level in the field of desire and special education. This opening comes to strengthen the complex’s position as one of the pioneers in activating the role of special education in the region, contributing to building a more comprehensive and solidary society

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