Shumua Alamal Complex celebrates the closing ceremony to conclude the rehabilitation and educational activities for the year 1445

Shumua Alamal Complex  celebrated a wonderful closing ceremony for its achievements during the qualifying and educational year of 1445 AH. The ceremony witnessed a large attendance of male and female employees and officials.

During the ceremony, employees who served people with disabilities during the past fifteen years were honored, and distinguished people were also honored and prizes were distributed to the winners in various scientific and cultural categories.

The complex's administration spoke about the great efforts made by specialists and teachers during the academic year, noting that these achievements reflect the dedication and motivation that prevails in the complex to achieve success and excellence in education and qualification.

With this wonderful ceremony, the Shumua Alamal Academy concluded its qualifying and educational year for the year 1445 AH with great success, emphasizing the continuation of excellence in the field of education and developing students’ capabilities for a better and bright future.

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