Family training and guidance

Our services include:

1. Training and education: We provide training courses and workshops for parents to help them understand the needs and challenges of their children and learn strategies for dealing with them.

2. Individual counseling: We provide individual counseling sessions for parents to discuss any problems or challenges they face in education and rehabilitation, and we provide appropriate advice and guidance.

3. Career Guidance: We support parents in determining the best educational and career options for their children, and provide information and advice to help guide them towards a bright future.

4. Communication and cooperation: We believe in the importance of continuous communication with families and enhancing cooperation between us to ensure the provision of appropriate support and effective guidance to families.

We work alongside parents to provide appropriate family training and guidance to address the needs of children with special needs. We aim to empower families and enhance their abilities to provide optimal care and rehabilitation for their children.

We work under supervision

Ministries can ensure the quality and safety of services provided, and achieve equality and justice. Supervision also helps in promoting comprehensive development and achieving national goals in various fields

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