Quality of care at the complex of Shumua Alamal for special education and rehabilitation is represented in four major areas:

SHUMUA have buildings and facilities designed specifically to commensurate with the persons with special needs. the complex has been built over an area of 19,000 m 2 where the total area of buildings equal 10,435 m 2 and comprised of 70 class rooms, 50 specialty offices, 3 gyms, 2 physiotherapist halls, 2 social rehabilitation halls, swimming pool, computer labs, library, theater, 7 dining halls, 6 mutli-purpose vocational shops, 3 sensory room, a garden with sport courts, zoo ( fish pond and agricultural nursery).
SHUMUA attracts and hire the targeted qualified and competent staff in special education and supportive technical services, which include (mental disabilities, autism, learning difficulties, slow learning, down syndrome, communication disorder, behavioral disorders, language and speech disorders, psychological rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychomotor rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation).

SHUMUA is applying the most up-to- date worldly programs and specialized rehabilitation learning styles in serving persons with special needs. Of these programs are (Portage, PECS, TEACCH, MAKATON, ABA, Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Self care Program, Preschool Skills Program, in addition to the technical services program offered by the supportive services team).

SHUMUA is keen to continuously assess the performance and improve the quality of care by getting feed backs from the beneficiaries through beneficiary satisfaction survey and continuous assessments for the improvement in the student’s performance once every two months, in addition to the developmental courses for the staff, and also the cooperation with international companies specialized in working with persons with special needs like Eagle House (Britain) and EBDAA (Dubai).

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