Awareness and guidance

(Important guidelines)
1. Encourage your child to play and form social relationships with peers
2 – To promise your child to take responsibility as possible.
3. Integrated health food is important for your child.
4 – Always consult specialists in the field of special education that helps to improve the health, psychological and educational status of your child.
5 – Be a teacher and coach for your son.
6 – teach your child to name things by their names such as the door of a pen book … etc.
7 – Choose your child activities available and loved him and practiced.
8 – advise your child and correct his behavior between you and not in front of a stranger.
9. Always praise your child and praise his success and reward for the things he does correctly whether big or small.
  10 – Take your son to markets, it helps him to acquire the skill of selling and buying and increases his self-confidence.
  11 – Take your son to the mosque that strengthens the faith and social aspects.
   Finally, I remind you of the noble verse (and to fear those who leave behind the offspring of weak and afraid of them, so let them pray to Allah and say a good word)

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